About Tebow and my strife for his MVP

Tebow named Pro Bowl Alternate

The NFL Pro Bowl roster was announced today and Tim Tebow was named a second alternate. This means if two AFC quarterbacks decide not to play in the game, then Tebow would be added to the roster.

Tebow has made tremendous progress during the course of this season. He has proven his worth to his team and could possibly be rewarded with a trip to Hawaii. To all the Tebow doubters, this will most certainly come as a surprise. But as I have stated numerous times this season, Tebow has proven leadership skills and the athletic ability to warrant such post season accolades. Hopefully, a strong push for MVP will also be in his near future.

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Tough day all around

It wasn’t a very pleasant Christmas Eve for Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Tebow had arguably his worst game as a pro against Buffalo. He threw 4 interceptions and 2 of those were run back for touchdown’s. It was a tough day for the entire team, but as bad as this loss was, they still are in position to win the division.

Next week will be an all or nothing showdown in Denver against the Kansas City Chiefs. The sub-plot to this game will be Kansas City’s starting quarterback, Kyle Orton. Everyone knows the what’s a stake here. Orton began the year as the Broncos starting QB and was eventually replaced by Tebow. Orton was later traded to the Chiefs and where he was named starter by interim head coach Romeo Crennel.

I stand by me previous statements that if the Broncos make the playoffs, that Tim Tebow should win the MVP. I look at all the other front runners in Rodgers, Brady and Brees. Each of whom have vastly superior talent surrounding them on both sides of the ball.

Tebow will bounce back next week after a poor performance. He will learn from his mistakes and give him team a chance to win. Especially, in a game with this much importance.

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Saturday game day

Merry Christmas everyone! Today, Tim Tebow and the Broncos try to get back on the winning track when they face the Buffalo Bills. I’m confident in their ability to bounce back from a tough loss last week. Another win will keep the Broncos in the driver’s seat to win their division and also further enhance Tebow’s chances of winning the MVP. Go Broncos!

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No shame for ESPN

So, I’m watching ESPN Countdown on Sunday morning trying to get a little insight on a few games. I watched about 30 minutes of the program before I had to turn it off. I simply couldn’t stand to watch it anymore.

As usual, ESPN turned a great story into something that turns people completely off. Each game the Countdown crew discussed led back to a Tim Tebow reference. Now, obviously I am a Tebow fan based on what I write on this blog. But what ESPN did this past weekend was downright wrong and I think we all know why they did it. They did it simply for the ratings! They have been waiting to jump on the Tebow bandwagon and milk it for everything that it was worth.

I just wonder how the formers players on the set felt about this entire situation? Being force fed by Chris Berman and others to continuously talk about the same topic over and over again.

I usually try not to watch any of the pre-game shows nowadays. The major sports networks (ESPN in particular) are showing NFL programs all through the week. Now listen, I love football as much as the next guy, but do we need to see one whole hour of NFL Live five days a week? I think not. Plus, I just have a hard time watching and listening to Trey Wingo.

I think, for now, that the ratings hungry monster, better know as ESPN, will back off Tebow since the Broncos lost last week. This will allow the average fans not to get information overload on one of the truly great NFL stories in recent memory.  Oh yeah, NFL Network was no better this weekend either. Rich Eisen is just as big a pain as Wingo is.

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Missed opportunities

The New England Patriots traveled to the Mile High City yesterday and soundly defeated the home team yesterday putting an end to the Broncos six game win streak. On the bright side, the Raiders loss leaves the Broncos still alone atop of the AFC West Division.

Tebow and the Broncos started out fast by scoring the game’s first touchdown. The Broncos eventually had a 16-7 lead in the second quarter when the wheels began to fall off the wagon.  Three first half fumbles proved to be too much to overcome and the Patriots turned the game completely around. The defense was on the field for what seemed like most of the game and rarely got off before surrendering lengthy drives.

Tebow played well during the course of the game. He did, however, fumble once that led to a Patriot score. Although Tebow came up short in the much anticipated matchup with Tom Brady, he managed to quiet some critics with his play on the field. Tebow moved the offense up and down the field, but some costly turnover’s stalled drives all too often.

Everyone can see the week to week improvements that Tebow is making. It won’t be long before his stats and all the other things he’s criticized for begin to rank right up there with other MVP candidates.

Yesterday is gone and next week is another chance to get another win. Two more games and the Broncos will be division champs.

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Tebow’s biggest test yet

It’s game time everyone! Today, the Broncos face off against the New England Patriots in what will surely be the biggest test yet for Tim Tebow since he took over as starting quarterback. The Pats are led by the head coach and quarterback duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Winners of three Super Bowls together.

Most of the media types seem to think that Belichick, a defensive guru, will put together another master game plan to limit Tebow’s options on offense. Also, that Brady, with his more talented offensive players, will run up the score on the Broncos. To the average fan, this may very well seem to be a likely outcome. But, those of us who have been watching Tebow and this team play over the previous few weeks know better.

This team has stepped up each and every week as more critics seem to discount their victories. I’ve heard so many people say that the opponents did more to lose the game than the Broncos did to win them. Well, that may be partially true in some ways, but a win is a win. As the old saying goes, “you don’t apologize for winning.”

I think Tebow will step up and meet the challenge that Brady will present today. We all have witnessed his never say die attitude and his will to win. There will be no give up in this team today. They believe in their leader and believe they can win. I’m also a believer.

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Thank goodness for Tebow

I’m sure you all have heard the news of Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd recently being arrested on federal drug dealing charges. In an age where it has become increasingly difficult to find athletes worthy of being called role models, there is still hope. Tim Tebow is by far an athlete, and better yet, a human being you’d be proud for your child to look up to.

So many athletes these days are simply into themselves and not for team oriented goals. They are self-promoters trying to get the most lucrative off the field endorsements. They whine and complain publicly about contracts when most regular people, like you and I, would be more than happy with the kind of salaries they earn. Not Tim Tebow. He is the ultimate team player. He is a player who gives credit to everyone but himself. He attempts to avoid the spotlight and allow it to shine on others. This is indeed a different breed of professional athlete that the younger generation is not accustomed to seeing.

I, for one, am even more proud to call myself a Tim Tebow fan. We get so caught up sometimes in wins and losses by our favorite teams, that we look over or push aside many issues these athletes have. We should encourage our kids to look up to more athletes like Tebow. He may not be the flashiest player or the player with the highest statistics, but he’s the kind of guy I’d want my child to root for.  He truly is living proof that hard work and the God given talent you are born with can take you a long way. Keep up the good work Tim!

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Key Matchup

There’s been a lot of discussion about the matchup between Tim Tebow and Tom Brady in what I believe is the marquee NFL game this week.  While most experts believe that New England is a solid favorite to win the game, I’m not so quick to agree.

No doubt, the Broncos will face their toughest test yet since Tebow took over as starting quarterback. The Patriots present various matchup problems for the Broncos on defense. A defense suddenly hit with some key injuries in their secondary.  This will put increased pressure on the offense and Tim Tebow in particular.

Tebow and the Denver offense will need to control the ball and keep Brady and company on the sidelines. I’m not sure if a thirty-point shoot-out will happen, but I do believe the Tebow led offense will have some success.

I do not expect Tebow to put up the numbers that Brady will this weekend, but I think he will keep it close enough to give his team a chance in the fourth quarter. The bottom line is getting the win, and that is all Tim Tebow is about.

I’m also wondering if the Broncos will allow Tebow to throw the ball more in the first half to mix things up or stick with the previous game plans? Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing Tebow raise his level of play even more and give Brady and the Pats a run for their money.

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Tebow’s on the rise

As of today, Tim Tebow is third behind New England’s Tom Brady and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger in the fan Pro Bowl vote. Fan voting counts for one-third of the voting process along with player and coach’s votes. The Pro Bowl team will be announced on December 27.

Your can cast your vote by going to the NFL’s official website. Let’s do our part and send Tim Tebow to the Pro Bowl. His play on the field will take care of the MVP award. We believe in #15. Go Broncos!!!

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“God’s Favor?”

I was listening to sports talk radio today and caught wind of an interview of Tim Tebow’s pastor, Wayne Hanson. To no one’s surprise, Hanson dismissed all speculation that the Broncos current winning streak can be attributed to luck.  ”Luck isn’t winning six games in a row. It’s favor. God’s favor,” Hanson said. “God has blessed his hard work.”

Now, Hanson didn’t say anything surprising to those of us who have believed in Tim from day one. But, there are still many sports fans and media types out there who simply can’t explain what has been happening the past eight weeks. So, what do they do? They take the easiest road to travel and simply say that Tebow is lucky.

Luck does not win you the admiration and confidence of your teammates and coaching staff. Nor can you go 7-1 in your last eight games with simply a rabbit’s foot and four leaf clover in your pocket.

Tebow and the Broncos have put in the work and we all are witnessing the fruits of their labor. There are times when what your eyes see simply can’t be explained. We all should merely sit back and enjoy the ride. Hopefully, we will continue to be amazed at the incredible MVP season of Tim Tebow.